Thursday, 9 December 2010

Existing Magazine Photos

 In order for us to create a successful magazine front cover it is important that the image we used on the front were affective and followed the codes and conventions of existing magazine front covers. After analysing magazine front covers we could then specifically put some focus onto the images that were used and how they were used in particular ways.

Both of the magazine front covers on the left have very similar types of images. For example the What's On TV magazine uses one singular large image with a number of smaller ones placed around the edges. Quite similary the TV Times magazine has one main feature article photo in the centre of the cover, but differently it only has a couple of images around the edge supporting this main image.

Both of these TV listings magazines are quite different in the way in which they try to appeal to their intended target audience. The image that is used on the Whats On TV magazine is a singular image of one of the actress's from Eastenders. Whereas the TV Times image is of two characters from the Soap. Usually the image that is featured on the front of a TV Listings magazine is one which is involving the characters that are in the main article situated inside the magazine. Using their image on the front cover is a way of promoting what is inside the magazine. Also by using the characters on the front it is enticing the target audience towards this magazine.

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